Dedicated to the magnificent Isuzu Delivery Pick-up

Used Vehicle Showroom


We offer single cab, extended cab and double cab bakkies both in
4x2 as well as 4x4.

If financing is required, we will arrange it on your behalf. Typically, no deposit is required but if needed we will inform you. There will be a standard “on the road costs”, which include roadworthy, vehicle registration, number plates & licensing. Installment repayments can be selected for a period of 12 to 72 months.

We will also gladly sell your Isuzu bakkie on your behalf.

To enquire about the vehicles below:

Contact us on (021) 949 6300 or via email.


  1. As the dealer, we cannot be held responsible for errors and/or misprints that occur in any ad.
  2. Please ensure that all extra features be double checked with the salesman.
  3. Please be aware of scams and fraudulent ads where fraudsters make use of our photo’s and/or showroom as background.
  4. Always double check banking details to be correct before doing any EFT’s.
  5. We as dealer reserve the right to sell our stock to whom we decide upon.